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At work… dear god… this explains everything and anything…. hating life right now

At work… dear god… this explains everything and anything…. hating life right now

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15th Anniversary US Harry Potter Book Covers - Kazu Kibuishi

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So it has been a while since I last posted about my summer saga. I have some time to kill and this helps clear my head so this is all for the best. Its almost been a month and honestly I just dont know what to say. Saying something has crossed my mind a few times and i know its coming soon. It scares me because I have never felt these feelings so soon. In the past week i have had 2 nightmares about the situation and it is sadly haunting me. I need more time to make sure this is real. I need more time to learn who they really are. I want more time to spend with them. 

Besides kindled romance in my life alot of other things are falling into place. Finally picked up a pencil a few weeks back and started to drawing, what a lame thing to say for an illustration major. Almost done with a piece for a show im putting together which also im excited to see finally getting orchestrated like it should. And then there is the training. Its slowly picking up. Not sure if im ganna race but none the less i need to finally dedicate myself and get into shape. Definitely wanting to look good for both me and now someone else which always puts more preasure on the situation but hopefully lights the fire and keeps me moving forwards to the goal and out of the past.

Well time has been killed perfectly for my expected phone call. Ya we are one of those disgustingly cute couples. Deal with it.

Until next time tumblr. 


Theme of today: Fuck life with a rusty spoon.


So my entire life 7 has played a weird role as a super dominant role in my life. yes its a lucky number for most but its always been my favorite number and it plays a funny twist on the 7th week of summer. Its official. Im happy. 

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Crazy Ideas That Are Borderline Genius [via]

Some of these are pretty great.

I want all of this….

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Summer has been nice…. now time to kick it into overdrive. Let the art start flowing and the creative energy run free. I know what i want and i know who means something. The purge has been quite apparent on what is important. See ya on the other side of summer world. Adios. 



Alright, since it’s June 19th, I guess I should acknowledge this video.

“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” has gotten a lot of attention on this website for simply being fucking terrifying, but most people don’t seem to realize that it has far deeper implications.

The entire video is based around the idea that the education system is set up to tell children to be creative, as long as they are creative in the right way. The notebook is the teacher to the puppets, the children. 

The notebook tells the children to look at the clouds, but they don’t see anything until he raises a monocle; I.E., they can only see new concepts through the teacher’s eyes. As soon as one of the children gains enough initiative to act on their own by painting a clown, the teacher immediately stops everything to shut him down. The teacher tells them to write out a “creative color,” but the color green wasn’t on the color wheel he showed them. When one of the children came up with the idea for green, he got angry at him. Finally, things start falling apart, and we see the Hollywood production in the background, representing the idea that, beyond the pleasant facade, there is something far more sinister happening in the shadows. 

The notebook ends by saying “Now let’s all agree to never be creative again.” He is blaming the children’s acceptance of creativity for the chaos that just happened. The notebook installs the idea in the children’s heads that creativity is good, but only when it’s certain kinds of approved creativity. We tell our children, who are so eager to learn, that they can be who they want to be and do what they want to do- but only so long as they don’t think outside the box.

The video, surreal as it may seem, is an observation of a double-standard that ruins children’s intellectual and creative growth.

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Day 3 of the unexpected journey. Today i stood invincible to defeat. Stood up up to alot and kinda owned the day. All thanks to a source of that smile. Summer has been 5 weeks young and through the course of those weeks, i dont think i spent them any wrong way what so ever. Excited to see whats around the bend. Time to get this trainreck back on track. Happy thoughts and motivation forwards. This is my summer.